Accord Electrical, a happy customer.

“We are really pleased with our 2 Latronics inverters that we installed 7 years ago. They are still powering away every day providing Accord Electrical’s busy office and workshop with free electricity from the sun, all day every day. It is a great feeling to know that not only are we running our operations on clean energy, but also that the engines of our energy production are not only Australian made, but Sunshine Coast made.  Thanks Latronics!”

Mark from Accord Electrical

Solar Array Transfer Switch. Heard of one before? I didn’t think so…

New Solar Array Transfer Switch makes grid-hybrid upgrades easier, cheaper and safer.

Latronics SATS-20

Latronics Sunpower the 30 year strong Australian inverter manufacturer has just released a revolutionary new device that will allow standard grid connect solar systems to be easily transformed into powerful and safe off grid or hybrid systems using your existing solar panels.

The SATS (Solar Array Transfer Switch) is a small box that can be automatically triggered to divert the power coming down from your solar array and send it between two different destinations, batteries or the grid inverter. The Solar Array Transfer Switch allows people with existing solar panels on their roof to use those same panels for charging batteries; once the batteries are full the SATS will divert the DC solar power over to the grid inverter for offsetting grid power consumption. Because the SATS operates on the DC side between 100-600VDC it suites the majority of solar panel arrays installed all across the world and it ensures that the grid inverter is never directly powered from batteries, keeping linesman safe during power outages while your batteries keep charging during natural disasters.

The Solar Array Transfer Switch enables solar versatility and could actually be used in a number of innovative and exciting new ways that should change the way we use solar power. For example, it could divert solar power from a stand alone system to a pool or irrigation pump, or it could send power into hot water boosters then back out to the grid or into some other destination once a set temperature is met, all the possible scenarios and combinations have yet to be explored.

Being both a grid and off grid inverter manufacturer Latronic Sunpower is uniquely positioned to see the advantage of such a simple yet powerful device, so they decided to fill that need at a time when distributed renewable energy storage and independence is becoming a major factor in the global energy revolution.

The SATS comes in 10A and 20A models and is available now with mass production scheduled for the 3rd quarter of 2015. To find out more about the Solar Array Transfer Switch go to: